Daniel Hayes

Daniel is the leader of the group. He was picked by the King and his advisor to assemble a group of the finest adventurers to carry out his missions.

But let's be honest, he was only picked because nobody else was available. No matter how much he wants to be a great hero, Daniel hasn't shown he has got what it takes just yet.

Will time prove he does? Well, only time will tell.

Ariana Reeves

Ariana is strong, tough and a little cynical, but she has her heart in the right place. She joined the group because she would get paid in gold, but is that all she wants?

She tends to keep her distance and she may come across as angry or intimidating at times, but her fighting skills are amazing, which Daniel has experienced first hand. But as time goes on and relationships grow, her distant, angry self may just warm up to the group.

Barmund 'Barry' Stonefist

Barry is a typical dwarf in many ways. He's happy most of the time, but you better run if you underestimate him purely based on his height, because he will show you all corners of the room and he will love doing it.

His strength alone makes him a great asset to the group, but he's far more than just a powerful dwarf. He's a great and loyal friend, a man with great patience and he makes people laugh, even if it's not always intended.

Thesaena 'Thessa' Wilde

Thessa is a free-spirited, life loving elf. She doesn't always think before she speaks and her high energy level can be annoying to some, but she would never harm a person unless he or she deserves it.

She was quick to join the group and didn't even want to know about the mission, but who knows why she really joined without question. All will be revealed eventually.

Marcus 'Doctor' Knotley

Marcus is the medic of the group and a very talented one at that. He didn't need to show much to Daniel in order to be asked to join, but his talents could prove of great value to the group as their journey progresses.

Marcus is a little shy and tends to stay away from violence, but avoiding violence will be a difficult task with this group's mission. Fortunately that very same group will likely be the ones who will protect him.

Allison Becket

Allison is a powerful mage, but because she is very shy her true powers remain a mystery to everybody, perhaps even to her. Either way, the group is very lucky to have her and not just because she's among the kindest people you meet. Her powers will prove invaluable against stronger, magical opponents.

But for now she can remain the shy girl who hides under her hooded robes and behind the others in the group.

Liskee 'Lizzy' Puddleberry

Lizzy is a gnome who is often underestimated based on her height and because she looks like an innocent girl. But despite her height she holds great powers and not just the powers to annoy others into accepting her into a group. Her true worth will shine when the opportunity arises.

Besides being able to annoy people, she's also kind, loving, she loves to have fun and she loves puns, which, to some, just makes her more annoying.

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