About us

Want to know more about the characters, the comic itself or about me? Well, you're on the right page.

While the comic and the universe within it are mostly used for comedy purposes in the hope to entertain you on a weekly basis, I still try to create a world you'll might like or even love, with recurring characters, a varied world and hopefully many, many adventures in pages to come.

If you wish to only read a little about the characters, check out their page by clicking here.

About the comic

The comic is about the journeys of a small group of adventurers. They're strangers at first, but their journey will bring them together as friends.
The group consists of 7 characters, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, but together they're a force to be reckoned with.

Their journey begins when the king commands Daniel Hayes to assemble a group of capable fighters in order to defeat an evil wizard who plagues the Eastern Kingdoms. Their journey will be long and although the wizard is their main quest, they will find plenty of smaller quests along the way.

The comic universe is loosely based on MMO worlds, hence why there's one main quest and many smaller quests. But besides these quests and some of the MMO related jokes, this is pretty much where the MMO relation ends. The characters within the universe aren't invincible and there are no game related mechanics.

As the comic progresses I hope to add more and more to the universe, both in form of story and in form of content on the website. But time will tell how everything goes. :)

About me

I must admit I feel a little awkward writing about myself. I don't see why you'd want to read about me, but if you are reading this, nice to meet you. :)

Anyway, I'm Emily, you may have already met me on my name generator website. That website is a big passion project of mine and it has grown into a huge project with the support of so many kind people, for which I'm incredibly grateful.

That website helps a lot of people who need a little inspiration for a story or game character, but I also love to make people laugh, which I hope to be able to do through this web comic.
I've always loved the idea of creating my own fantasy universe, one I could share with others in some shape or form. I also love to be creative, although drawing isn't exactly my strongest suit, but I'm sure you've already noticed that, so I decided to create a weekly comic to fulfill this passion.

I hope you'll appreciate the jokes, the story and the characters themselves every week, with a new page coming out every Monday. :)

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